QDPro, Kyiv

Scientific and technical firm “INTES”, founded in 1993, occupies the niche of the ukrainian software developers market. “INTES” four years successively took the first places at the All-Ukrainian competition of the SoftRegatta software producers in various nominations. Services:
  • complex consulting services on keeping traders and customs regulation, taking into account ukrainian legislative framework and international agreements with Ukraine;
  • production of the practical recommendations connected with the enterprise protection from the external factors during the implementation of foreign operations;
  • complex analysis (if necessary, training) of the foreign trade agreements (contracts) that provide the movement of goods across the customs border of Ukraine;
  • organization of seminars on doing FEA customs regulations;
  • preparation of projects, including written appeals to state bodies with requests of resolving contentious issues, emerging while FEA implementation;
  • consultations for individuals, carrying goods across the customs border of Ukraine;
  • holding workshops under the FEA software (trainings are conducted in the classroom NTF “Intes”);
  • development of your own software;
  • software development on the outsourcing conditions.