How to Protect Data?

The majority of people are aware of the purposes of software product usage. They are data processing, storing and interchanging. There are different types of information and various software products process a particular data type.

It is rather complicated process, and a person who knows nothing about IT sphere and the software development lifecycle, can continue storing the needed information without being involved in all IT mass.

But nowadays more and more people worry about their personal and private information and try to use only safe applications and systems. In software testing and development spheres, the security standards are very high. Especially, it concerns online shops, banking applications, etc.

Because of that, software testing company knows that every mobile testing, desktop application testing or web testing should include the thorough security checking. The confidential commercial and personal data used in the app should be protected. What data can be considered as protected one? What are their characteristics?

The Data Is Protected if:

  • a user is able to change and edit only that information which he is authorized for;
  • the confidential information is stored in the encrypted form;
  • the data transmission between server and client’s machine, system modules, etc., is performed through the secure channels.

If all mentioned-above points are true for the system or the application, then security testing has been performed effectively, and users may utilize the product without any apprehensions.

A tester should not forget to check whether the data has not been corrupted or lost during encoding, decrypting and transmitting. The confidential information should never be legibly demonstrated.

Source: QATestLab