How to Create a Proper Testing Model?

It well-known that every software testing, mobile application testing, and website testing may be effective and efficient only when a QA specialist is fully aware of the specifics of the product under test, its documentation and client’s requirements.

There are a lot of various approaches and techniques that will help to thoroughly examine the product. Moreover, they will help to develop an effective testing strategy and select the proper checking tools.

Some testers are sure that the creation of the testing model is a convenient, simple and viable way of planning the testing procedure. The model is very necessary during checking the products with strict time limits, for example, during mobile testing or localization testing.

There are no strict requirements to the model structure or content. A specialist should just examine the product and note his impressions and observations. The testing model may be presented in different ways.

What Are the Forms of Test Model?

  • It can be the list of product capacities or the required actions if the application is too simple.
  • In the case when the product under test is very complicated and multi-leveled, then the model will consist of diagrams, schemas, and some additional tools.

Every software testing company can confirm that the usage of test models helps to focus the efforts on the important matters, to distribute the available time in a proper way. It is as the general overview of the product under test.

It is recommended to create and use the testing models during desktop testing, mobile checking, etc.

Source: QATestLab