What are Peculiarities of a Program Load Testing?

Mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing should include load testing in order to make sure that the program is ready for exploitation and can properly function under ordinary and above the ordinary loads.

So, it is wise to determine what the common loads for the application under test are, that is how many users will usually work simultaneously on the application, how many requests the program will perform for a period and things like that.

Operation of the main functions of the application under various loads should be checked from the system back-end as well.

To Verify the Main Functions From the Back-End it is Necessary:

  • to obtain or make up the list of the main functions and features of the software product;
  • to determine corresponded stored procedure to each of them;
  • to create tests for automated testing of each function and feature in random order, but all the functions should be checked during a full cycle.

A software testing companyruns such tests many times. Running of the tests should detect various data corruptions, failures of data saving, deadlocks and other problems. Testers study and compare the test results. Basing on them they make error reports and recommendations to the development team.

Source: QATestLab