How to Perform Regression Testing?

Regression testing is very important for effective and efficient mobile testing, web application testing and desktop testing. If it is performed at a low level, then the previous testing procedures has been useless.  

For the specialists from software testing company, it is necessary to thoroughly plan the procedure of regression testing and the creation of test cases required by this software checking type.

Regression testing may be performed a lot of times during the whole procedure of application development and testing.

When Should Regression Testing Be Performed?

  • Regression testing should be conducted when a new function or feature has been added to the application or system.
  • After fixing of earlier discovered bugs, it is necessary to check and make sure that these errors have been removed. 

The aim of regression testing is to find the errors which may appear because of recent system changes. It is very important to discover such bugs as soon as possible and make certain of proper functioning of the system under development (SUD). Very often, the fixing procedure of one bug may cause the appearance of another.

What Should Be Checked First With the Help of Regression Testing?

  • The high risk functions of the system.
  • The functions used most frequently.

After checking these mentioned aspects of the system, a specialist may test other system functions and options. Regression testing is very often automated. It accelerates the checking of code elements of a high risk and the ones changed because of the fixing process.

With the help automated regression tests, software product testing, mobile testing and web application testing require less time, efforts and resources.

Source: QATestLab