Octetis, Kyiv

Octetis is Offshore IT Development Company headquartered in Kiev, which has brought together an energetic team of professionals in the field of IT consulting, software development and information system integration for our Ukrainian and foreign clients. With the opening of 2 offices of the Octetis in Sebastopol and Kharkov appeared the new opportunities for the development of company’s offshore business. The objectives of all our development centers are to fulfill the customers’ needs and provide the high quality and short delay of services rendering. Octetis accompanies large companies based in Ukraine, France, Israel and USA in theirs information systems integration and optimization. We optimize our offers in conformity with our clients’ specifications and requirements. We have experience in the project implementation beginning with task definition and preparation of minute functional specification, with the architecture constructing and finishing by implementation and future support of our solutions. For project implementation we use the most advanced world technologies, our own experience and developments and quality open source solutions, offering our clients products, proved in practice. Octetis is notable for its strong dynamic growth and consists in more than 50 professionals, graduated in computer science’s most prestigious universities in Ukraine, France, German and USA . Each of them has work experience abroad. Leading specialists are fluent in English and French . Successfully implemented projects in Ukraine are indicative of the high confidence of our customers and a good proof of our capability to offer them high level IT services.