The National Space Agency of Ukraine

The National Space Agency of Ukraine was established in February 1992. Nowadays, the rocket-space industry produces a wide number of scientific space-rocket equipment. The unique single-point (site) spacecraft guiding and control system was organized in Ukraine, which has showed its effectiveness during the two years of the “Sich-1” spacecraft explorations, launched for the first time under the jurisdiction of Ukraine in 1995. The National Space Agency of Ukraine has signed agreements on cooperation with 20 countries. Nowadays, enterprises and research institutions of the space branch of Ukraine fulfill about 130 international contracts. One of these contracts between Ukrainian and American scientists in space botany stipulated the flight of Ukrainian payload specialist onboard the Space Shuttle Columbia in November-December 1997. Leonid Kadeniuk was the first cosmonaut and space-explorer of independent Ukraine to take part in a space expedition with the crew of the Columbia spacecraft in 1997. He successfully conducted important biological experiments. The National Space Agency is participating in big international projects such as “Sea Launch”, “Globalstar”, “Ukrbalcomsat” among others.