How to Test Mockup Apps?

Nowadays, mobile application testing is in requisition by the clients. It is connected with the increase of mobile marker, development of various mobile devices and mobile software products.

There are different mobile applications which have their own specific features. Therefore, the checking procedure of each such application may differ a lot. How to define what technique it is better to use during testing, for example, mockup app? To answer this question, a specialist from software testing company should be aware of the peculiarities of such app.

First of all, it is recommended to use automated testing. Usually, automated tests for checking mockup applications will use either the protocol library or browser-based one for HTTP requests and responses. These both ways are effective.

How to Start Automated Testing of Mockup Apps?

  • The special commands for sending HTTP requests and receiving the responses should be used.
  • It is necessary to make sure that HTTP responses contain required information (the HTTP status code, content and its length should be checked).
  • The method of pattern matching should be used.
  • The user-agent string should match the defined one in the mobile device.
  • The additional HTTP header may be added.
  • The code for detecting faults may be also added (It is better to write the error messages that should not be presented in responses).        

The automation principle applied during web application testing or desktop testingaccelerates the checking process and helps to discover more serious bugs.

Source: QATestLab