How to Improve Mobile Functional Testing?

First of all, a user wants any program and application to work properly; then he or she pays attention to interface, design, etc. Therefore, functional testing is an inherent part of development procedure of every software product and other types of checking, e.g. website testing, desktop apps testing, etc.

But it is not enough just to check whether a system functions according to the criteria defined by the specification. Usually, the end users have rather bright imagination and may use the product in an unusual way. The system itself should be ready to satisfy the people’s invention.

It is relevant especially to the mobile software products. Because people like tabbing the phone when they are waiting for something or just have nothing to do. And software testing company ensures that the end users meet no issues.

That is why during mobile testing it is better to check the product under various settings, as one option may affect the work of another function.

What Settings May Influence the Work of Mobile Apps?

  • The option of location
  • An Airplane mode
  • A Mute mode
  • Notifications
  • The Display settings (color changing, text formation)
  • Incoming calls transfer function.

Sometimes the work of application can be interrupted by incoming call or any notification. After that, a user has to restart a mobile game or program. This issue should be obligatory tested; as such a situation is widespread.

The specialists in software product testing try to check the majority of test scenarios in order to provide the end user with a high-quality system. 

Source: QATestLab