The Aspects of Mobile Applications Design

Nowadays the requirements to the usability of mobile software products are very high. The end users are more demanded. That is why a lot of attention is paid to product usability.

For an application or a system to be popular, it should be handy and user-friendly. Besides that, it should have an interesting design and satisfy all user’s needs concerned the functionality and capacities of system.

Otherwise, such products will not be popular among users and they may not even be accepted to mobile application stores. This is the exact reason why the usability bugs detected during mobile testing get a high priority.

The usability of mobile applications embraces a lot of various aspects. One of such aspects is the product visual design. It is the most essential usability point. Before performing a certain function, a user looks at the image of mobile application. Therefor during usability testing a special emphasis should be put on the visual design of the product under test.

Every software testing company recommends to take into account the visual design of the products under test during both website testing and software products testing.

What Are the Core Aspects of Mobile Apps Design?

  • The location of icons, text boxes and other items should be convenient and unobtrusive. The objects should have a proper size and be easily seen.
  • To tap objects should be convenient in every window, even while moving.
  • The software elements and text elements should bу well seen under various conditions of lightening. It is important for mobile software products to adjust fast to the new lighting conditions.

Only if all mentioned aspects are satisfied, the mobile software products will be popular among users.

Source: QATestLab