How to Measure Quality of an Application?

People better deal with measurable things. If there is no possibility to measure something, it is hard to tell how good or bad it is.

In order to determine quality of a software product during web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing some quality metrics should be used. Different metrics are utilized for this purpose.

As a Rule, Software Quality is Assessed by the Next Aspects of a Software Product:

  • functionality;
  • performance;
  • security;
  • reliability;
  • installability;
  • usability and others.

Nowadays there are many test types corresponding to the mentioned aspects of an application, such as functional testing, performance testing, security testing, reliability testing, installability testing, usability testing and so on.

Dividing software on aspects and ability to work with each aspect separately allow to achieve high quality of the entire software product.

Nowadays many metrics are used during software testing and evaluation. Among often used metrics are: number of errors per code line, function point analysis, code coverage and so on.

But, in General, an Application Can be Evaluated by 2 Main Criteria:

  • quality measured by various metrics;
  • how end users accept the program.

A software testing companyclaims that if both of these aspects of a system are paid enough attention and performed well, the system will be successful in production and salable.

Source : QATestlab