Manual vs Automated Testing

Every employer of software testing company has been asked whether manual testing or automated one is the most efficient and effective. In general, this question is put by people who know nothing or a little about testing and IT in total.

These software testing types pursue a common goal. They both are used to evaluate the product quality and promote its improvement. The procedure, tools, and methods of bugs detection are different.

The main advantage of automated testing is the execution speed. One more big plus is the absence of a human factor. This software testing type provides a fast test run and gives a tester the possibility to examine other system aspects.

But there are such cases, when automated testing is not suitable at all. Sometimes performing website checking, mobile testing or desktop apps control, the test team realizes that automated test scripts will not provide necessary results. In this situation, manual tests are conducted.

When Is Manual Testing More Suitable Than Automated One?

  • With the help of manual tests, the specialists may check the system aspect that will not be testers by the automated scripts. Hence, the test coverage will be bigger, and the product quality will be higher.
  • Executing the manual tests, the team is free to improvise. The specialists’ actions are not limited by the automation tools.
  • Only a human being can evaluate the product with regard to the previous experience, preferences, and intuition.

While choosing what testing type it is better to perform, the team should take into account the peculiarities of the system structure and its functionality, the deadlines, the available testing tools, etc.

Source: QATestLab