Why is Mantis Popular Bug Tracker?

Today information technologies are rapidly evolving. A great variety of smart devices are available nowadays. Many software products have been created for them. Each application must be tested. So, web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing are in demand today. None testing process can be held without a bug tracking system. Any software testing company knows that there is wide choice of them at present. One of widely used bug trackers is Mantis. Mantis is an open source bug tracking instrument written in PHP. This software is easy to install and to utilize. It is suitable for projects of any sizes. One can work with it online through a web browser. It also may be hosted on a company server with little efforts and some knowledge of PHP and MySql. Among Useful Qualities of Mantis Are:
  • It can be utilized as a project management instrument for not very large projects.
  • It needs little resource for work and can even be installed on an outdated machine.
  • One shouldn’t have specific technical knowledge and skills to work with it.
But Mantis cannot be called an ideal bug tracker for any mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing. For some projects and purposes it is good. But other error tracking systems serve better for other projects. Source: QATestlab