What Are the Main Myths of Testing?

There are a lot of misguiding thoughts about the particularities of software testing. That is why the numerous myths of testing are created. Some of them are exploded, but others have the grounds to exist.

The myths without any kernel of the truth are in the focus here. Having no working experience in IT-company, it is easy to believe any fiction. So, before deciding to be engaged in testing, the main myths should be made aware of.

Main Wrong Beliefs about Testing:

  • Testing is less important than software development. (Code writing and its testing are two totally different processes. Both need the knowledge in different spheres and have their own peculiarities of performing.).
  • Software testing is as simple as ABC. (There are some special things about manual testing which should be remembered. And usability testing has its own procedure. That is to say that every testing type has the specification. The special skills and knowledge are a must-have for testing.).
  • Automated testing needs no efforts at all. (In very deed, the program performs the larger part of work, but the scripts should be written for that. In other words, this type of testing requires the special skills in programming.).

A different type of software testing can be chosen, for example, web application testing. But the experience and the qualification background are the stringent conditions to become a successful tester.

Source: QATestLab