Logis, Kyiv

LOGIS is the leading, comprehensive software development team with an exceptional scientific background, based in Kiev, Ukraine. Since 1994 LOGIS has been providing state-of-the-art, cost saving, offshore development solutions for R&D and IT departments of leading technology companies.

LOGIS is expert in applications development for Windows and Linux-platforms, medical and scientific visualization, image processing, software redesign, programming language change, database programming, embedded and remote control software, and independent driver development.


  • Development of new software projects using brand new technologies and tools.
  • Research-oriented works, signal and image processing, mathematical and scientific software development, modeling and simulation, experimental data processing, 2D- and 3D-visualization.
  • Embedded software development, creation of remote control software and software drivers for equipment suppliers.
  • Web-applications, client-server, and database development of any brand.
  • Legacy application re-engineering, structural change and modeling, language- and platform- migration, programming language changes, adding modern user interfaces, web-enabling, and acceleration.
  • Enhancement, comprehensive maintenance and support for developed projects.