How to Use JUnit and Other xUnit Tools?

JUnit is considered to be a very useful tool used for unit testing. This framework is written in Java and belongs to xUnit tools for various programming languages. It was created by Kent Beck and Erich Gamma.

Some developers criticize JUnit, the framework for unit testing. They are certain that such tools are overestimated, as it takes a couple of days for a professional developer to create the tool of this type.

This statement is really correct, but it does not reduce the role and importance of such libraries both for testers and developers. Simple does not mean ineffective and useless.

The effectiveness of JUnit and other xUnit means depends on the users. Only a user decides how to apply the instrument.

What Are the Purposes of JUnit Applying?

  • It is used for the automation of functional testing and its separated parts.
  • JUnit is applied for arranging and assorting tests.
  • With the help of JUnit various data can be arranged, etc.

These simple operations will enable the talented and creative software testers to effectively and efficiently perform website testing, desktop application checking and mobile testing. They will help to conduct various functions that will improve the project quality.

The people, who do not understand the specific features of applications, methods and techniques used in order to perform game testing, web applications testing, Magento test suite and other checking types, cannot take all the advantages of JUnit and other xUnit tools.

Source: QATestLab