INFOCOM LTD, Zaporozhye

INFOCOM LTD is the official partner of Siemens AG, Department «Industrial Automation and Drive Technologies» (IA&DT) since 1996 and has the status of «Siemens Solution Partner Automation», that confirms high quality of our services in the sphere of industrial automation and programming. Our company is up for experience and knowledge sharing in order to achieve your plans and issues implementation. We offer cooperation, among them on terms of providing outsourcing services, in the following area:
  1. Design, support and service of automation systems (either remotely or directly on site) based on
    • - PCS7 V6.0-V8.0;
    • - Library APL, Batch, Route Control, Safety Matrix;
    • - Step7 and WinCC V6.0-V7.2;
    • - TIA Portal V11.0-V13.0 (Step7 V11.0-V13.0  WinCC V11.0-V13.0).
  2. Commissioning and start-up of automation system equipment and software.
  3. Complex support and maintenance service of automation system equipment and software by means of remote access (control – rework – adjustment – development).
Our company has vast positive experience and more than 250 successfully implemented projects including outsourcing with world-renowned companies, among which are:
  • companies of oil and gas industry (participation with SIEMENS OIL & GAS in more than 10 projects of complex automation, including designing software PCS7 for oil and gas platforms in Norway and Brazil);
  • companies of food industry (development and adjustment of PCS7, WinCC and PLC software on the Cargill plants – Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, England);
  •  companies of chemical industry (production of sponged titanium, ferro-nickel, trichlorosilane and polycrystalline silicon production – China, Ukraine).