Hypernaut, Kyiv

Hypernaut, created in 2006 in Kiev, is a web development company combining:

  • low cost rates thanks to its Ukrainian location;
  • High quality development and deliveries, thanks to its French senior management team and its high skilled developers.
Our services are especially dedicated to advertising (web) agencies, software engineering agencies and companies willing to outsource the technical development of their web projects at the best quality and rate.

Hypernaut is specialized in the following fields:

  • Websites and web applications development, tailor made or out of the box;
  • Mobile and Facebook applications development;
  • Business application software development, especially CRM;
  • Progressive and corrective maintenance.

Our services are offered in 2 types:

  • Fixed budgets projects estimated on the basis of detailed specifications
  • Providing dedicated teams, managed in Kiev, in the form of monthly payments

Expertise :

  • CMS : Drupal, WordPress
  • Framework : Zend, Symfony
  • E-Commerce : Drupal Commerce, Magento