The Characteristics of a Good Tester

Software testing company tries to hire only skilled specialists with a high working potential. Non-motivated expert will not carry out his duties well, and software testing performed by him will not be effective.

Much attention is given to mobile testing. Nowadays, mobile devices are widely used. They became an inevitable part of everyday life. Mobile phones are not just the means of communication, they are the complicated mechanisms with the help of which various operations can be performed.

Mobile application testing is rather difficult and time-consuming process. It requires much effort and large financial support. During functional testing, the specialists spend a lot of time on checking the functionality of the mobile applications.

Different software testing types are used to check the particular aspect or element of system and product. For example, with the help of usability testing, the specialists check whether it is convenient to use the application. The development and production of a bug free application depend on the specialist’s skills and experience.

A good tester performs the checking types effectively and never misses serious bugs. He should always develop and improve his theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

What Are the Obligations of a Good Tester?

  • A tester should use or try to use the tested software product. It is impossible to check any application or website without using it by yourself.
  • A good tester should be attentive and exacting.
  • It is important to define the priority of discovered bugs correctly and in a proper manner.

Only serious bugs which interfere the correct work of tested product should be added to the bug tracker.

Source: QATestLab