How to Be Good in Software Testing?

It is known that software development and testing are inherent parts of software development life cycle. These both activities are complex, require creative approaches, substantial knowledge and skills in IT sphere.

It turns out that software testers are put in the shade by the developers in public opinion. Members of any software testing company find that it is unfair.

Here are Few Notes for Software Testers Helping to be Good in Their Work and Proud of Their Occupation:

  1. Specialists in mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing make a huge contribution to quality of the applications they are working on. Their contribution isn’t less valuable than the developers’ one.
  2. It is not an easy task to be good in software testing. Most of software engineers cannot execute manual or automated testingproperly.
  3. It is wise to be in good business relations with the developers. Any project is more economically efficient, if all the project parties help each other and together pursue the same goal – release of quality application.
  4. One should track the found error to a code level, if possible. Such research facilitates fixing it and improves skills and knowledge of the test engineer.
  5. It is better not to log in unreproducible software bugs. If clear steps of reproducing the error are not determined, one should make note and come back to the problem later. It may be useful to consult the development team or more experienced colleagues.

Source: QATestLab