How to Get CSTE Certificate?

Nowadays a lot of various educational IT centers and schools provide a wide range of different training courses dedicated to desktop testing, web application testing or mobile testing. Often even software testing company offers online workshops.

But not everyone can reach the success and become a software tester. Firstly, one should be advanced user of different software, OS versions, browsers, programs, etc. Secondly, if a person wants to perform automated testing, it is necessary to be aware of some programing languages.

But the whole way of career development and professional growing starts from the receiving of the special prestigious certificates. These documents ensure the specialist’s qualification, theoretical knowledge and practical skills of conducting various checking types (functional testing, UI testing, localization testing, etc.).

CSTE (certified software tester) is one of such certificates. Its price is 350 or 420 US dollars. To make an application for receiving CSTE, one should have been working in the particular sphere (comprised by CSTE) for last 18 months.

Then to receive CSTE, it is necessary to study at the appropriate educational institution (the level of college) for 2, 3 or 4 years. Moreover, one should have no less than 4, 3 or 2 years of work experience accordingly. Or one may have been performing various software testingtypes no less than for 6 years.

CSTE test itself takes nearly 2,5 hours. It consists of two parts.

What Are CSTE Test Parts?

  • Multiple-choice test (100 questions)
  • Terse reply questions (12 questions)

Each part takes 75 minutes. It is obligatory to answer no less than 70 % of questions of every test part. CSTE proves the specialist’s professional level and promotes the growth of his career.

Source: QATestLab