When Can One Start and Finish System Testing?

System testing is the most extensive testing level in any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing. It includes a lot of test types.

As a rule, it follows integration testing and precedes acceptance testing in a testing process life cycle.

One may start system testing when the software product under test has achieved certain maturity level and is represented as a whole system.

One can Start System Testing When:

  • the software product is almost complete, functioning system;
  • unit testing of each application part is successfully finished and the found errors are corrected;
  • integration testing of the program is executed and the discovered defects are fixed;
  • test environment is created and ready for testing activities;
  • all the needed equipment is acquired and prepared for work;
  • the test bed is approved and ready for test activities.

System testing can be finished when all the test cases are performed, the discovered software bugs are corrected and at least 95 % of the test cases pass. The rest 5% are insignificant and do not affect main functionality of the software product.

A software testing companymust make sure that all the show stopping and critical errors are corrected and do not appear any more before ending system testing.

Source : QATestlab