Eleks Software, Lviv


ELEKS is a global organization providing software engineering, consulting and quality management services. We help industry leaders and technology challengers turn creative ideas into tangible business value by delivering innovative and reliable solutions for our customers’ unparalleled business growth to include Data Science, Mobility, Digital Production and Financial solutions.

Since 1991, our software solutions have significantly contributed to the success of our customers, including Fortune 500 companies, and are recognized as a valuable part of international best practices.

ELEKS is a strategic partner with the proven ability to address our customers’ most pressing needs. Our delivery organization, consisting of approximately 1,000 professionals in Eastern Europe, is strengthened by a local presence in the U.S., Europe and the UK.


We are dedicated to helping industry leaders and technology challengers convert creative ideas into tangible value by providing unique and reliable software solutions for unparalleled business growth.


To be a premier global technology company that ensures industry leadership of our customers by effectively implementing high tech innovation, a solution-driven approach and outstanding professional expertise.


  • Excellence
  • Commitment
  • Professional Team
  • Innovation
  • Partnership


  • Exceptionally Talented Staff
  • World-class professionals at the heart of industry trends
  • Engineering Excellence
  • Strong math, physics and electronics principles leveraged in each project
  • Seamless Collaboration
  • Highly flexible and responsive staff with sense of ownership and commitment
  • Solution-driven Approach
  • Focused on elegant, effective solutions that drive business growth
  • Pro-active R&D
  • Continually mastering new technologies to make our customers more competitive
  • ELEKS University
  • Corporate educational institution to foster continual technology leadership
  • Social Responsibility
  • Corporate programs to promote education, community and “green” projects

Company Details:

  • Website: http://eleks.com
  • Email: office@eleks.com
  • Phone: +380 32 297 12 51
  • Fax: +380 32 244 70 02