Why is it Important to Test All the Ways of Data Inputting in a Program?

Mobile technology has some specificity uncharacteristic to desktop programs. Among them are ways of interaction with software products and number of popular platforms.

It is known that users mostly input data in a desktop program by means of the keyboard and mouse, but with mobile software people mostly interact by means of the touchscreen or virtual keyboard. Some mobile applications distinguish also inputs by means of shaking, rotating the device, etc.

So, performing desktop testing one usually just uses the keyboard and mouse; during mobile application testing inputs by means of a touchscreen must be verified.

A touchscreen of a mobile device is designed to distinguish different inputs; all the supported touchscreen inputs should be verified in course of functional testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, etc.

Quality Assurance Activities for a Mobile Application Should Include Test Cases Verifying:

  • single touch inputs;
  • multiple touch inputs;
  • inputs by means of a virtual keyboard, if it is assumed by the software;
  • inputs by means of a track ball, if it is supported by the device and assumed by the software;
  • behavior of the system when different ways of inputs are used simultaneously.

All the ways of inputting data must be carefully checked during any software testing as they belong to main functional of any program.

Source: QATestLab