At What One Should Focus Checking Software Scripts?

Through mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing should assume verifying all the parts and aspects of the application. Checking of the system scripts is among the most significant tasks of any software testingprocess.

Professional testers recommend verifying each script at least once.

While Testing Scripts One Should:

  • check whether the scripts contain any syntax errors;
  • execute the scripts when there are no records in the corresponding tables;
  • execute scripts when there are records in the corresponding tables;
  • check if the scripts are executed in the appropriate order;
  • make sure that no trigger, index or other errors happen while running the scripts;
  • find scripts, execution of which takes too much time, and suggest the programmers to improve them;
  • check if each script contains special transactions for starting the script and committing the script;
  • make sure that the transaction, following transactions for starting the script, undo, if the script execution fails.

A software testing company also checks whether data are correctly allocated in the tables, if the scripts address to the appropriate tables and columns and so on. Checking of the scripts allows to detect serious defects and determine their causes.

Discovering these defects during functional testingmay require more time and efforts.

Source: QATestLab