Why is it Necessary to Check Functioning of APIs During Software Testing?

Any software testing company can confirm that software engineers widely utilize APIs for writing programs at present. API means application program interface; it is a set of ready procedures, functions and instruments. APIs facilitate programming and increase software features.

Any mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing should include verifying of APIs as their proper operation is vital for proper functioning of the software product.

Created and customized for the tested program APIs are checked in course of back-end testing, though they do not belong to the back-end, but manage interaction between the system front-end and back-end.

Checking APIs Utilized by the Tested Software Should Include Verifying Whether the APIs:

  • can open connections to the SQL server;
  • send queries to an SQL server and access data correctly;
  • can restore the connection with the server after interruption;
  • correctly send queries to the program back-end;
  • call the appropriate stored procedures;
  • correctly receive outputs from the system back-end.

A professional test engineers never ignore verifying of the APIs, their functioning in course of software testing, because defects related to APIs can have a serious impact on the whole system. Automated testing can be applied for some of these activities.

Source: QATestLab