What Is Business Process Testing?

The success of the software product depends not only on its functionality, reliability, and usability. Of course, all these aspects are important. That is why functional testing, load control, performance testing, system checking, security testing, etc.

It is very important to have a well though-out business plan for further promotion of the developed product. All business processes should also be checked, and a software testing company knows that very well. This specific testing procedure is performed by subject matter experts and automation engineers. Each of them fulfills the defined tasks and monitors the determined parameters.

What Does a Subject Matter Expert Do?

  • The specialist identifies the key elements.
  • All defined elements and aspects are combined into test plans.
  • Every business process should be monitored.

The subject matter specialist is aware of all app components that are under test. Besides that, he knows well the peculiarities of business processes. It is not necessarily for him to have programming skills.

What Are the Duties of Automation Engineer?

  • To define the capacities and parameters with the help of express tests.
  • To create the repository of business objects.
  • To detect and fix the defined issues.

The automation engineers should have a profound knowledge of the software testing field. Their main area is automated testing. As a result, business process testing ensures the cooperation between the experts of the QA (have no programming experience) department and automation engineers who are working with express testing. 

Source: QATestLab