Beetroot, Odesa

Beetroot is a Swedish-Ukrainian IT company building teams of developers and designers from Ukraine for European and North American, emerging, IT companies and start-ups. Working at Beetroot should feel like coming home, and we want to build places where people love being together. Today, we employ 150+ tightly-knit professionals on a basis of equality, responsibility and trust.

More than anything, Beetroot is a social entrepreneurship, and our mission anchors in helping build a strong Ukrainian middle-class – with financial stability and civic engagement. Beetroot Academy, an IT school, was created as a spinoff from Beetroot in 2014 to create a better growth ladder. Since then 120 Ukrainian students have graduated, and more than 70% of them have been able to secure careers in IT. As a part of the social vision, the academy provides internally displaced people (IDPs) with an opportunity to become developers – tuition-free.

Our roots are in Sweden and we have offices in Odessa, Poltava, Kiev, Dublin and Stockholm.