What are Peculiarities of Software Back-End Testing?

Every application has an interface, the part that users see and with which they interact. There is also a back-end part in every software product that is hidden from the users. Only developers and testers deal with that part of a software product.

In course of mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing both the back end and the front end should be thoroughly checked. Testing of a system back-end should begin from the early stages of the development. It enables to correct serious errors faster and easier than if they would have been found on the late phases.

As a Rule, Software Back-End is Tested in the Next Order:

  1. Testers learn the specification for an SQL server and check the specification design. It should include information about performed and planned testing activities.
  2. Component testing must be executed as soon as possible for all parts of the system under test.
  3. When it is determined that the tested components work satisfactory and component testing passes, several modules of the software products are put together, and integration testing is performed.
  4. When all the components are integrated and considered working fine, it is time for system testing.

Regression testingshould be executed many times in course of a development process and during all software life cycle.

Most of back-end tests are automated. This part of software products is checked only during alpha testing. Just front end of the program is checked during of beta testing.

Source: QATestlab