What is an Alternative to Automated Tests Scripts?

Proper management is a key component of any activity. Management is of utmost importance for mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing as well.

It is necessary to take into account skills, knowledge and experience of the test team members when distributing tasks. It is also important to select the most useful and convenient approaches, methods and instruments for each testing process.

For instance, scripts for automated testing can be written by a person who knows the scripting language and is able to write code in this language. Those testers, who do not know programming languages, can write test-cases and execute manual testing of the software product.

A software testing companyadvises to use automated testing instruments allowing to create automated tests without deep knowledge in programming. There are instruments supporting keyword-driven testing. They can be used both by those who can and those who cannot write scripts. A tester should enter the keywords with certain actions.

This Way Can Be Created Tests, Simulating Various Simple Actions:

  • selecting certain menu options;
  • pressing certain buttons;
  • calling some services and functions and so on.

Keyword tests are often utilized instead of usual test scripts. Unlike test scripts, keyword scripts can be created and maintained by people without skills and knowledge in programming.

Source: QATestlab