Why Is Automated Testing So Important?

IT sphere is well-developed. There are a number of different practices and methods of software development. New approaches are applied to make software production faster and more successful. But despite of all these points it is impossible to write a code without mistakes.

This statement is proved by performing usability testing, performance testing, regression testing, functional testing, etc. Every testing type checks the product components, its functional characteristics and so on.

With the course of time, new testing types appeared, and the other ones were a little bit modified.

At the very beginning, manual testing was the basic type of applications checking. This testing type cannot be replaced. But it takes much time and efforts to check many similar issues. Moreover, people may miss something important or make some mistakes. The human factor should be taken into account.

Because of mentioned facts, automated testingis getting more and more popular. A lot of processes and procedures can be automated. Especially the automation of unit testing is appreciated by developers.

The Automated Testing Provides:

  • saving of time needed for software testing;
  • improvement of testing quality;
  • decreasing of system failures.

A lot of free and commercial tools of automated testing are now available. Well-experienced testers and developers create really great applications in a short time using these tools.

But everything is useless if specialist does not have enough theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The process of self-development and self-improvement should be constant.

Source: QATestLab