10 Facts About Automated Testing

Nowadays the principle of automation is widely applied during software testing; it concerns both web and mobile software products. But nevertheless, there are a lot of misconceptions and miscomprehensions concerned automated testing.

Some people even engaged in IT sphere are sure that automated checking can solve all troubles and issues of software testing. Unfortunately, it is not so, modern automated testing tools are not a universal remedy.

What Really Is the Test Automation?

  1. The tools of automation do not reduce at once the expenses and save time required for functional testingor performance testing.
  2. The automation scrips are software products too, as well as the system or application that should be checked with their help.
  3. Autotests could be applied only to the stable system.
  4. It is impossible to automate some testing activities.
  5. Website testing, software testing or mobile testing requires a set of checking programs.
  6.  Automated testing does not guarantee 100% test coverage.
  7. The usage of some testing programs needs the preliminary work or otherwise they will not function in a proper way.
  8. Software testing company recommends arranging the training courses for test automation engineers.
  9. The expenses on testing tools include not only their own cost but the expenses on their implementation, maintenance, etc.
  10. The available already developed tools are not always as effective as it may seem.

Source: QATestLab