Archer Software, Dnipropetrovsk

Archer Soft ( is an offshore software development company located in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine (GMT +2). We provide a full range of outsourcing services for global IT market: from Research & Development to Administration & Support since 2000.

Our Business Lines are:

• Offshore Software Development / QA Testing • Rent a Technical Resource Program • Administration and IT Support On average Archer Soft handles 14-20 projects at the same time; the project sizes variy from 5 to 30 people per project. Average duration is 12-18 months with further support. There are number of dedicated teams work on ongoing basis (some for already 3 or more years). More than 200 projects were fulfilled since 2000 year for the customers in Germany, USA, UK, Denmark, Estonia, the Netherlands, Canada, Russia, Israel, Poland and Cyprus. Our customers represent various industries: healthcare, finance, e-learning, high-tech, consulting, IT Integration, human resources, hardware manufacturing, web content management, online marketing. Quality system: Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) was created at the Company to assure working in accordance with CMMI standards. SEPG’s activities are: Development of standards, description of their processes; Implementation of standards, Development and changes of standards as well as the Quality Control. The closest attention of SEPG is focused on Project planning, Project monitoring and control, Product quality assurance, Requirements development, Requirements management, Risk management.