App Performance: What Is that?

The main factor that provides the software product popularity is its usability level. If it is comfortable for the end user to utilize the application and it is really handy and easy-to-use, then the product will surely reach success on the market.

Usually, to ensure the high level of product usability, UI testing and usability checking are performed. But it is also very important to have all users’ requirements met, including ones for the product capacity and functionality. That is why performance testing is conducted to ensure the reliable product operation.

To start with, it is necessary to distinguish the concept of performance. It may be defined as the speed with which the server responds to the specific request of the end user using the software product. In other words, performance is the efficiency of the system operation.

Besides that, the fact that a certain app can be used by hundreds of people at the same time should also be reviewed. To avoid any issues of such a type, load testingis conducted.

What Does App Performance Consist of?

  • The users of the system or application.
  • The data used by the app.
  • Test environment (the conditions under which software testing is done).

While checking the software product, the test team should be well-aware with the product specifics and have its logic comprehended properly. The peculiarities of the target audience should be analyzed and reviewed even before the actual beginning of the development process. Nothing is done on the spot. Both the development and testing processes are well-thought out and planned.

Source: QATestLab