How to Test AJAX Applications?

Nowadays the majority of people cannot live without mobile devices. Various mobile programs and applications make people’s lives easier and more convenient. Therefore mobile testing is very important and required.

Sometimes the checking of mobile software product may become a real challenge for software testing company. But the specialists always find the way out and perform automated or manual testing effectively.

Different mobile software products are available now. AJAX application also is a kind of mobile software products. The shortening ‘AJAX’ means Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. The development of such application has its own specific features. When AJAX apps are developed for mobile devices, the reducing of application size and the design of client-server protocol are in the engineer’s focus.

Some devices allow web browser caching for the content downloaded from the servers. This is a big plus for application usability. Moreover, it improves the performance of certain apps. But the cache of mobile devices is of a small size in comparison with the current desktop browser.

AJAX applications use JavaScript which size usually is too big for the cache of mobile device. The compression of the file will negatively influence on the opportunity to use automated test scripts. In general, it will make automated testingmore complicated.

What Are the Difficulties of AJAX Apps Testing?

  • Not all mobile devices support automated test scripts.
  • The applications function asynchronously.
  • The application may consist of the big compressed JavaScript blocks, and it loads browser a lot.
  • The functionality and capabilities of various browsers depend on the mobile device. They may be somehow changed or modified on various mobile devices
  • During software testinga desktop browser can not be used, as its capabilities will not match the ones of mobile browser. Therefore, the results of checking will be incorrect.

Source: QATestLab