2 Advices of Experienced Testers

Modern software products require significant time, efforts and resources on developing process and web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing.

It is very important to deliver high quality application to the users. But it is not less important to meet deadlines and stay within the project budget nowadays. Otherwise the project may turn to be unprofitable.

In order to provide efficiency of a project the development team and the software testing company should cooperate from the beginning of the development process.

Duly and appropriate mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing significantly increases effectiveness of a development process.

Performing software testing it is recommended to utilize various methods, techniques and approaches. They can streamline the process and direct attention of the tester on right issues. Some of them are well known among testers, some may be elaborated in course of work and personal experience in application testing.

Experienced Testers Advise:

  • To analyze negative tests outputs carefully. The analysis may help to find out where the problem is and direct the developers to the root of the defect;
  • Try to provide maximum test coverage. It is impossible to create 100% test coverage. But testers should create appropriate amount of test cases that check the most important issues and can discover all significant defects.