3 Types of Mobile Software Products

One doesn’t have to be an expert in software testing or programming to mention that mobile technology considerably developed for the last decade.

Mobile devices are more convenient than personal computers in many situations. People carry tablets and smartphones everywhere, they are always at hand and do not require staying at one specially equipped place.

Mobile software developers take advantage of this fact and create many mobile software products. Many online shops, social networks, informational sites and desktop programs have a mobile version now. So, e-commerce testing, social network testing, web site testing, etc. often involve verification of both desktop and mobile versions of the software.

Mobile Software Products Can Be Divided Into 3 Main Types:

1. Pre-installed mobile programs. They are provided by mobile device producers; the users get smartphones and tablets together with them built in. Pre-installed software does not need to be installed or uninstalled, it supports correct operation of the device and other software on it. Compatibility testingof a mobile application should involve interaction with pre-installed software.

2. Browser-based mobile software. These applications and sites are accessed and interacted via a mobile browser. There is no need to install them, one should just enter the needed URL in the browser address line. Mobile software of this type entirely depends on the network connection.

3. Installable mobile software. Applications of this type can be installed or uninstalled by a mobile device user. They can be downloaded from an application store. Some of them require Internet connection, some can function without it.

Those, who are involved in mobile application testing, claim that a lot hybrids of mobile software appeared, some of them are hard to classify.

Source: QATestLab