Web 2.0 is coming to Ukraine

On February 15th, 2008 in Kiev within the “Ukraine, The IT-First Nation” program the Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative will hold a workshop, dedicated to the key strategies in Web 2.0 and development of web sites with successful user interface. Aaron Marcus, a recognized usability expert with 40-years experience, the founder and president of Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc (AM+A) is the training author and presenter.
Web 2.0 is a new concept of on-line services which served as an impulse for further development of Web. The projects based on Web 2.0 ideology, widely popular among the foreign customers, have become very relevant for Ukraine as well.
Taking into account such an intense interest of IT society to the issues of ideology and practice of building solutions on Web 2.0, Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative together with the professional training center for usability “edu)itonline” (Russia), have decided to invite a leading expert in Web-interfaces, graphic design and development, Aaron Marcus, to hold a series of lectures and trainings on development of successful user interface.
The workshop will include hands-on tasks and discussions of the trends and key strategies in usability, design templates for Web 2.0 sites. Mr. Marcus will share his experience in user analysis, interface development when there is no end-user related information available, will demonstrate the examples of successful user interface.
Workshop subjects:
  • Trends, key strategies in Web 2.0. Design templates for Web 2.0 sites. 7 priorities for Web 2.0 companies
  • Development of user interface when the users are not available.
  • Users’ analysis: design “for all” = no one really likes.
  • Visualization of information.
  • Modern trends in sites visual design.
  • User Interface design for the global web-sites (B2B, B2C).
  • 60 examples of successful user interface.
For the companies working with the Web 2.0 technology Aaron Marcus will hold corporate trainings
The workshop author and presenter – Aaron Marcus is the world’s first professional graphic designer, usability expert with 40 years experience, the founder and president of  Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc. (AM+A). Clients: Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe Systems, eBay, Nokia, Samsung, America Online, Xerox, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens and many more.
Aaron Marcus is the author of 200 articles and publications on usability, graphic design and user interface development. He is also an author or co-author of 5 books, leader of a research for 9 books and 3 manuals on user interface design. Mr. Marcus participated in the work of publishing and consulting councils of 5 media publications.
Last decade Aaron spent working in such areas as Web and mobile devices, design of the information visualization, car user interface design, user interface globalization and localization instructions.
Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative is a leading Ukrainian alliance of offshore software development and IT outsourcing.
Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative objectives are:
  • expansion of international contacts and relations for collaboration in the area of software development;
  • formation of positive image of Ukrainian software development on the global markets;
  • building the information exchange channels with the other international companies;
  • promotion of Hi-Tech industries development in Ukraine
  • assistance in building the export potential for Ukrainian Hi-Tech companies
  • promotion of use of scientific potential in the products of Ukrainian Hi-Tech companies
  • active participation in raising the level of professional skills of Hi-Tech personnel
  • creation the IT professionals club / community
«edu)itonline» is the first Russian professional training center for usability. The center collaborates with the leading usability experts, has access to the results of usability labs’ research. 
For further reference please contact:
Natalya Arseyeva
“Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative”
mail: natasha@hi-tech.org.ua
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