November 7, 2003, Washington, DC, USA. International Conference “US-Ukraine IT Cooperation Forum”

Will Ukraine become the competent player in the IT world market?

“Why Ukraine?” (Mr.Andriy Kolodyuk’s, Aventures, presentations)

“Cooperation with Ukraine in a High-Tech Area – Is That Easy?” (Mr.Jan Friis’, Final Analysis Communication Services, presentation)

“Ukraine: The Reality is better than the Media Image” (Ms. Emmy Gengler’, Softjourn, presentation)

“Currently there are favorable conditions for Ukrainian companies to enter the American market. It depends on how the Ukrainian side takes advantage of this situation”. (Mr. Sergiy Korsunski, the Charge d’Affairs of the Ukrainian Embassy in the US, presentation)

The above and other issues about the reality and perspectives of the outsourcing industry in Ukraine were discussed during the US-Ukraine IT Cooperation Forum. The forum took place on November 7, 2003, in Washington, DC. The event was organized as a joint public relations effort intended to develop a platform for mutually beneficial US-Ukrainian collaboration in the IT industry.

The US-Ukraine IT Cooperation Forum was an initiative of the Ukrainian Embassy in the US and supported by the Science &Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU), American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, Ukrainian Association of SW Developers Ukrainian High-Tech Initiative, Ukrainian Chamber of Science and Technologies, Ukrainian Software Consortium,and also other Ukrainian and US commercial companies. The Center for Innovation Development was the overall coordinator of the Forum.

The Forum was coordinated in conjunction with the Exhibition: “Partnership for Prosperity & Security”, which was held November 5-6, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA). The exhibition was organized by the United States Industry Coalition (USIC) and sponsored by the US Department of Energy (DOE). The Ukrainian organizer was AVentures.

The Forum had several objectives:

  • To demonstrate the existing potential, features, benefits and actual achievements of US-Ukrainian cooperation within the Information Technology sector;
  • To provide internationally recognized data on the Ukrainian software exports market (EG: software exports include both services and product that is why I used that term instead of a much longer term);
  • To lay the groundwork for further development of US-Ukraine cooperation in the IT sector;
  • To form a positive image of the Ukrainian IT industry;

To attract investors to the Ukrainian software exports market.
More than 80 persons participated in the forum including Fortune 500 companies, US Universities, government organizations, leading Ukrainian IT companies, associations and state organizations.

The Forum successfully laid the groundwork for future cooperation between the US and Ukraine.

In support of the original objectives, features and benefits and actual results of existing US-Ukraine cooperation were presented by Aventures, Miratech, VoliaSoftline/Software, and the Ukrainian Software Consortium. Further written information was provided in the Forum catalogue, which included data points from Ukrainian firms participating virtually in the forum. In further support of one of the objectives of the forum, the results of phase one of the first independent analyst assessment of the Ukrainian software exports industry, were presented. The research is being conducted by MarketVisio/Gartner Group, upon official request of Aventures, and with the assistance of a group of industry experts.

Forum was conducted at the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA
Address: 3350 M Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20007
Phone: (202) 333-0606, 333-7507, 333-7508, 333-7509