Ukraine introduces visa-free regime for citizens of a United Europe

As of 1 May 2005 Ukraine introduces the visa-free regime for citizens of the member-countries of the European Union and the Confederation of Switzerland

According to the president Viktor Yuschenko’s decree dated March 31, the visa free regime is introduced for Western Europeans.

Due to this novelty within a couple of days the experts anticipate 15-20% increase of the tourist flow form the EU countries to Ukraine.

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine announced that introduction of the visa-free regime was necessary to guarantee the highest level organization of the "Eurovision 2005" song contest.

The president’s solution is a practical implementation of eurointegration aspirations of Ukraine and is aimed at popularization of Ukraine as a democratic state with the demonstrated adherence to All-European principles of free movement of persons, goods, services and capital, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated.

However, visa-free regime will not cover the persons coming to Ukraine for work and study as well as for migration purposes.

In response to this move some European countries (Check Republic and
Slovakia) cancelled visa payments for citizens of Ukraine.

Ukraine hopes to come to an agreement about simplification of visa regime for its citizens with all the EU countries. In April European Commission called on all EU countries to collaborate with Ukraine in visa questions.