TODC was founded in 2003 for the purpose of providing businesses and individuals with the tools and support necessary to develop a lasting Internet presence.

TODC is an end-to-end business developer. Our company specializes in building Internet businesses from drawing-board concept to fully integrated e-business enterprise. We offer you a full range of services to build and grow your Internet business at any stage.
TODC provides the talent and experience you need to develop your business, whether you’re new to the web or looking to develop a totally integrated e-business enterprise.

Among the most significant competitive advantages of TODC are our highly experienced and talented developers, round the clock productivity, and cost – effectiveness.
TODC utilizes state-of-the-art technology and communication networks, information services, and project management software tools.

TODC has many talented developers ready to work individually or in teams of various sizes to better accommodate individual client’s needs.

By leveraging TODC’s world-class facilities and staff over our large customer base, customers of TODC gain significant economies of scale and receive much higher service levels at significant cost savings. Often in excess of 25 – 50% cost savings.
It takes strategy, vision, and expertise to build solutions for the world’s leading companies. TODC has blended these qualities and virtually changed the way the digital economy does business. Whether you want to strengthen your business relationships, conquer new markets, or increase your bottom line, TODC can help.