The Ukrainian parliament adopted the draft of the support IT industry in the first reading

December 22, 2011, the Ukrainian parliament adopted the (in first reading) the bill № 8267 “On the economic experiment to create favorable conditions for Ukraine’s software industry.” “For” votes of 277 deputies from 450. We can suggest that the second reading of the bill will be held after the New Year. Previously, the representatives of the working group stated that the second reading of the draft will make some amendments. First of all, the law offered to provide a permanent and appropriate changes to the tax code, but the current version of the experiment appears for 5 years. The second project number 8268 Parliament today is not considered. Recall, December 14 parliamentary hearings were held bills number 8267 and number 8268, which provide for preferential tax treatment for the IT-business: reducing the size of contributions to the pension fund, the income tax and income tax. However, there was also criticism of the first project. Thus, the CEO of Telesens Edward Rubin in his column on the DOW was outraged that a draft law to the parliament made hastily, without coordinating with IT sphere and the EBA. As a consequence, now, after the first reading, the project will be a lot of changes. Before the first vote in the project can not make changes. If Parliament adopts a law in the current edition, it would be “a burial ground for IT,” says Rubin. Managing Director of Ukrainian office of Global Logic Roman Khmil not agree with colleague: in his view, the project will be adopted as amended. The next step in an attempt to find common ground was a meeting of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov with the representatives IT-industry at the beginning of February. The government is ready to fully support the development of the sphere of IT-technologies, said the Prime Minister. He also said that he will soon be a new law that will radically change the attitude to the field of IT-technologies. In addition, planned changes in tax legislation that will encourage IT-business in Ukraine, it will lead to a new level of development, the press service of the Cabinet. Among the possible means of improving the development of the sphere Azarov called tax breaks and non-tax charges There hi-tech developments. One of those points – interventions, the Security Service of Ukraine and prosecutors in the economic sphere and the sphere of IT – in particular. Azarov said that he was opposed to such interventions, and also said that preparing a new Code of Criminal Procedure, which forbid them to intervene in such processes. Press Service of the Cabinet writes, Azarov convinced, the level of Ukrainian IT industry is so high that soon will come to market such products, and domestic projects, which will be a surprise for the world’s giants of the industry.