Webinar: Test Сases Management: Best Practices From QATestLab + Live Presentation of Squash TM

Start: November 21, 2018





Is Excel or any other spreadsheet effective for test case management? Is it convenient to use a spreadsheet at large projects with thousands of test cases? Is there any alternative? Definitely, yes. There is a variety of test case management systems.

However, a wide choice causes new challenges. You should think over what system to choose – open-source or commercial one. What features are must-have for a TCM system for you not to overpay?

The webinar is called to assist in choosing a proper software for test case management from the perspective of both – a user and a developer of such a system. QA Lead Alina Kypryk will tell what tools are used at QATestLab. Marion Delobeau and Thibaut Lefaucheur from Henix, the main contributor of Squash TM, will explain the core working principle of TCM systems.

Attend the webinar to get free takeaways that help you track and monitor your test cases.