Ukraine is among the first ten leaders of outsourcing

Contribution of Ukraine to the world outsourcing market makes about 500 million dollars. On the whole the world demand for such services makes at present more than 60 billion dollars a year. Such are the expert data, announced by the organizers of the IV Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum, which will be held in Kiev on November 1-2, 2007.

Although China, India, Canada, Russia and Israel are traditionally world leaders in the field of outsourcing, Ukraine is also among the first ten countries-suppliers of outsourcing services. More than 20 thousand Ukrainian specialists are employed in this sphere, the majority of them being eminently qualified personnel.

Outsourcing is transmission of a range of company-customer internal services to an exterior contractor, that includes the services on the basis of use (for example lease) of its (company-customer) software products, applications, hardware and fragments of infrastructure, which allows the company-customer to save expenses and to considerably lower laboriousness and expenditures on exploitation of information systems and applications, to concentrate on its basic business-processes without being distracted to auxiliary ones.