SustainableUX Online Conference

Start: February 15, 2018
Address: Ukraine

SustainableUX was born when James and Jen, sharing their experiences balancing business-as-usual design projects against a backdrop of increasing climate urgency, realized they could elevate the conversation for others to join and learn from each other. Speaking to other designers, we have found that our profession includes an abundance of folks with both awareness and concern about climate change—who similarly struggle to see how they can make a practical difference against global warming in their day-jobs. We founded this conference in an attempt to provide a forum for practitioners to share the methods and philosophies that enable us to make meaningful contributions to the struggle as individuals, and an industry.

This continues to be an online-only event, in keeping with our goal of helping designers reduce their carbon footprints. In-person conferences can cost thousands of tons of CO2, which we avoid by hosting it on Google Hangouts—which is largely renewable-powered.

2018 topics:

  • Chenny Xia and Markus Grupp — Developing People Through Design
  • Erica Fox — New In Town: On Addressing Gentrification Within The Tech Industry
  • Amanda Starling Gould — Dirty Digital Humanities: From Iphones To Ewaste
  • Ahmed Ansari — Fostering Plural Ontologies & Artificials In The Age Of The Great Devourer
  • Thomas Wendt — Persistent Fools: Cunning Intelligence And The Politics Of Design
  • Lisa Huang — Instant Mobile Web: An Accelerated Mobile Pages Primer
  • Kristin Aldred Cheek — Digital Meets Physical: The Power To Influence Sustainable Behavior IRL
  •  Chris Adams — How To Build A Planet Friendly Web

We’re announcing more 2018 speakers soon! Stay tuned on Twitter for announcements.

SustainableUX is a free conference, but we ask you to consider making a contribution to a climate cause in lieu of what would be a conference ticket fee. It’s the best way of thanking our unpaid speakers and volunteers.

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