«Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative» sponsors the Carnegie Melon University trainings

«Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative» will take on sponsorship of the trainings organized within the scope of Carnegie Mellon University educational program throughout the year 2006. The Initiative member companies will have a possibility to train their professionals in "Technical specifications management", "Risk management" and "Quality management" at the prices 25-30% lower than the actual training prices.

 «Main objective of our organization activity is getting local software development market up to standard. Professional skills are one of the most important issues in IT business. This is why we decided to sponsor such trainings. Educational programs of Carnegie Mellon University, coordinated in Ukraine by the company TEKAMA, integrate cutting-edge theoretical knowledge of Carnegie Mellon with practical experience of the leading CIS trainers. We are sure that new knowledge acquired at the trainings will help our companies take a major step towards improvement of the production processes technology.

 Sponsorship of the Carnegie Mellon trainings is just a first stage of our IT market development program «Ukraine, the IT-first Nation», which will start to its full capacity at the beginning of 2007. – says Victor Maznyuk, "Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative" president.

 Trainings will closely examine different approaches to software development process (RUP, MSF, Scrum, XP, Agile), life cycle models, tools for boosting efficiency or creating systems for managing risks, quality, and specifications. "Leadership and Teamwork" training will help forming leadership skills. Carnegie Mellon developed a unique CMMI® model, which allows measuring maturity level of the corporate processes in software development companies. The majority of criteria of this standard are discussed in detail at the trainings in order to explain to the participants the global industry requirements.

 The companies sending their employees for training get the Carnegie Mellon University certificate – the global branch standard for professional education of managers and leading technical specialists. It can serve as a valuable competitive advantage and increase the rating of the company in the international market.

 Thanks to the "Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative" sponsorship, the members of our alliance will train their professionals on special terms. If the cost of one training by Carnegie Mellon University in Kiev is $280 without a certificate, $430 with a certificate, TEKAMA will offer following conditions to participants from the "Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative" – $196 without a certificate and $322 with one.

Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative:
Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative ( www.hi-tech.org.ua) is a leading alliance of Ukrainian companies involved into outsourcing, offshore software development, IT projects implementation and BPO. Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative is the organizer of annual Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum ( www.outsourcing-forum.com.ua) – IT Business Forum aimed at discussing the issues of Ukrainian market of software development and outsourcing as well as at following its progress.

 Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative Objectives:
 • extension of international links and contacts for collaboration in the area of software development;
 • forming a positive image of Ukrainian software development industry in the international markets;
 • search and selection of the partners providing IT outsourcing and BPO services in Ukraine;
 • arranging meetings and establishing contacts between Ukrainian and foreign companies;
 • attracting investments into Ukrainian software development industry.

 Company TEKAMA
founded in 2002 by the group of graduates of Carnegie Mellon University. In March 2003 the company held the first open workshop on software development management in Russia and CIS countries. Nowadays TEKAMA is a leader in providing educational and consulting services in the area of software development for corporate IT departments in Russia and CIS countries. TEKAMA is an official representative of the Institute for Software Research, a leading international scientific research center for software development, cybernetics and IT management. TEKAMA is also a single official Russian and CIS partner of Software Engineering Institute  – a key division of Carnegie Mellon University. More details about TEKAMA and its services can be found at the company web site –  http://www.tekama.com.

 Carnegie Mellon University
is a large American educational and research center located in Pittsburg, USA. Carnegie Mellon technical and engineering departments hold leading positions in USA University ratings. Within the branched network of Carnegie Mellon scientific research institutes there is a unique Software Engineering Institute – an incontestable leader in Industrial software development studies for the last 20 years. Many developments of the Institute instantly become the branch standards, e.g. CMM® and CMMI® standards which allow measuring maturity level of the corporate processes in software development companies.

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