Software Testing & QA Providers. Insights and Market Forecasts 2020

Recently, QATestLab carried out a study and composed whitepaper on the future of the sector of companies involved in the development and testing services on time and after the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic. This in-depth, technical piece of content will be especially valuable for those who are interested in a successful way out of the current situation and search for factors defining beneficial positions among other companies on the market.

In times when everyone was being absorbed by new circumstances related to remote work shifts and transferring all the activities online, right now, it is more critical than ever to assume our future direction. This research represents a result of both surveys among IT-companies done by us as well as statistical data gathered from prominent organizations like Slack, Condeco Software, Upwork, Technavio, McKinsey.

The primary goal is to help everyone and software testing companies, in particular, to grasp what is the most critical point we need to focus on how to be ahead of the curve tomorrow.

Insights and Market Forecasts

Source: QATestLab