New participants to join the “Silicon Valley” project

The Silicon Valley project, established by one of the oldest Ukrainian technical higher educational institutions – National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute” and major Ukrainian telecommunication software developer – LLC Telesens, enhances its influence at educational institutions of Kharkov.

Within a month, that has passed since the presentation of the educational scientific and production complex Silicon Valley, three new participants appeared to be willing to join the project: technical college and two comprehensive Schools of Kharkov.

As it was mentioned by the director of Telesens, Eduard Rubin, this expansion of the project allows organizing a chain of professional vocational training from school to production.

«We consider the Silicon Valley to develop really successfully as joining of schools and college enables us to influence at the personnel training steadily: from general secondary education to secondary technical education, from general technical education to higher education, and from higher one to a real-life production », – said E. Rubin

In particular, the school-children will get a chance to undergo practical training in It-companies thus improving their professional orientation. Moreover representative of NTU “KPI” and Telesens will teach computer studies lessons for school-students. Students of technical college will also be able to participate in development of real projects.

«A modern programmer doesn’t have to graduate form a higher educational institution to work for IT-company. There are a lot of relatively simple activities that can be easily done by graduates of secondary technical schools. We provide the student ability to learn not at made-up projects but at real ones and even to do simple development for the tasks that are to solved within the Silicon Valley, – mentioned the director of ESPC Silicon Valley – Mikhail Godlevskiy.

He recalled that the Silicon Valley has been originally positioned as a project open for new participants and its enhancement shall continue with other educational institutions and IT business structures that fill continuous need for new skilled programmers.