Ruby Shift 2010

Visit Ukrainian Ruby Shift Conference, that will take place in Kiev on 21 of May, 2010.
Organizers — coffee’n'code.

You’re also invited to become a sponsor for our event and put your message in front of large audience of interested Rubyists, team leaders, core developers from all over the Ukraine.

New possibilities, brought by Ruby Shift:

• Ukrainian Ruby Community Support
• New acquaintances in IT Industry
• Experience exchange
• Maintaining the company image and brand
• New ideas, communication with colleagues

Event Program:

Ruby Metaprogramming

— Ruby Object Model is extremely rish, and lets you accomplish lots of things in a more eager manner than in any other programming language. You will get to know how to use its potential as a "full throttle". Hints and implementation details.

Rails from Rails contributor

— powerful, blooming and soaring framework for web-applicaiton. Core team information and point of view. How-tos, real reasons to upgrade to Rails 3.

Rails in Clouds

— hosing Rails in clouds. Production application, real economy in terms of hosting, scaling possibilities and real-time performance overview and adjustment. Using just what’s required in a certain time period.

Scaling Rails

— major scalability practices and principles. Optimizing High-Load applications, cutting-edge technologies real usage examples.

Rubinius, MRI alternatives

— JRuby, Rubinius, REE, production usage examples, possibilities, support and performance details.

Our Speakers:

Yehuda Katz

( Rails 3 Choices: The Devil Is In The Details.

Ivan Samsonov

( Rubinius — Ruby, written in Ruby.

Antono Vasiljev

( Testing using Cucumber.


Besides all the speeches, during Ruby Shift Conference, we will have a Workshop sessions for speakers and conference participants, who claimed their intention to visit the Workshop. Registration is limited to 30 attendees. Workshop will be in English.
There’re no passive listeners at Workshop. Everybody’s involved into the action, getting the most out of it, and giving out real experience solving most interesting and non-trivial problems.
All participants will be divided into the teams, and will take part in development and mini-project Showreal.


"Tourist" Hotel (Conference Hall), address: Kiev, street Raisa Okipnoy, 2 (Subway Station "Left Bank")

Looking forward to seeing your company’s specialists at the Ruby Shift Conference. You can contact us at any time,