The company “QATestLab” held the training courses on software testing for senior students

Start: November 11, 2008
From 29th of October till 5th of November the company «QATestLab» held two-days training courses on software testing for advanced students of Cherkassy State Technological University. Corporate IT-educational project of the company which consists of trainings, consultations, testing and certification for students in software testing area is included in program «Ukraine, the IT-first Nation». «QATestLab» is a member of Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative, the association of Ukrainian IT companies, and is actively participating in association’s projects. One of such projects is «Ukraine, the IT-first Nation» that is aimed at Ukrainian IT market development. Within this program in spring 2008 IT Job Fairs were held for students of universities in Kiev, Donetsk, Cherkassy. IT and software companies participated in the Job Fairs. The successful holding of the Job Fair in Cherkassy State Technological University showed the efficiency of such events as a new type of communication with young specialists. By the results of round table with participation of lecturers from universities of Cherkassy and representatives from Cherkassy and Kiev IT companies, and with the aim to complete the intended plan of long-term collaboration with university, «QATestLab» held the two-days training courses on software testing. The main objective of this training was to provide all the interested students with fundamental conceptions about software testing process, its place and role in software development in easy and understandable way. During the training the participants had an opportunity to know about the special features of such a new profession – Software Tester, to obtain the theoretical knowledge and some practical experience in working with different projects and real tasks solving. Representatives of company «QATestLab» also briefly reviewed modern tools of testing automation and testing management. And students learned to practice different methodologies of software testing, search and correctly describe bugs, and work out test cases. After the training all the participants could pass the test that included questions on learned material and general computer literacy. Students, who showed excellent results, received certificates. Holding of such trainings allows raising the company «QATestLab» recognizability among students of IT professions and attracting new personnel to such new and fast-developing area as software testing.